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Christian Music Not on Genre Page

Christian Music Not on Genre Page

Dear Spotify,


Please bring back the Christian Music genre back onto the Genre/Moods tab. Someone has recently told me that it is "not avaliable in some countries". I live in New Zealand... it was pretty avaliable 2 weeks ago, what has changed? 

It was efficient having the Christian music on the Genre/Moods tab. It had fresh new Christian songs/beats and highlighted some of the best Christian music of all time. It provided playlists that my church used every single week during fellowship time. It provided awesome background music that was perfect for social gatherings.

In saying this, it was overall super popular and I fail to understand why you have taken this away from everyone. 


I see that the 'word' genre is still there which I bet has never reached the amount of followers/listeners that the Christian music had while on the Genres & Moods tab. 


If sending this to you does nothing, please let me know who to contact to get that genre back up and running in my country. 


Kind Regards,


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