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[Community][Developer] Overriding Accounts/ Retrieving Deleted Accounts

[Community][Developer] Overriding Accounts/ Retrieving Deleted Accounts

To cut a long story short this is what happened:

My ex-boyfriend and I dated for 4 years before breaking up. He was in charge of all things joint/ family sharing like Spotify, Netflix, etc. He created the family account using his email and at the time created an account for me using his spare email address (I don't have access to that email password). After we broke up he insisted I keep using the family share, no problem. Fast forward a few months and it. became a problem but instead of talking to me about he booted me off the family share. I no longer had access to the account as it's his email and password.  That I could love with as I created a new account, followed my old one and liked all my playlists. It sucked not having my liked songs or being able to add to them but wasn't the end of the world. I contacted a Spotify agent querying if I could take control of the account (which was all my music) which I couldn't as I didn't have access to the email address, Spotify username or any. passwords. I got told by an agent that he could change the password from that account to my email on the app. So I messaged the ex and asked him if he would please do that for me and after several days of no reply I went to listen to my old account playlists to discover a message that said "This playlist isn't available - The owner of this playlist has made it private or removed from Spotify". I've followed up and turns out he has deleted that account. For someone like me who has spent YEARS making these playlists this is truly devastating. I don't even want access to that account or profile I simply want to be able to copy my playlists to my new account so I have all my music. It would suck to lose all my "liked" songs but not the end of the world compared to this!!! I didn't know at the time that you can copy a whole playlist and "Add to other playlist".. I just discovered this a little too late unfortunately as they're gone. I wish two things had happened in this scenario: 1. The agent I spoke to first could have let me know that there was. a really simple way to copy my playlists to my new account if that's all I was after and I didn't even need to log into the other to get it and 2. That when something like this is done that Spotify can override the account to access the playlists and copy them or send a direct link with them or something like that. 3. Even after an account is deleted, be able to. retrieve it within7 days (by overriding) to access the playlists. I suppose I should have researched more myself about copying playlists but unfortunately I didn't......... Anyway, I am very very VERY sad at this loss. I feel like I've lost a music lovechild and it doesn't seem fair. I'm mad, I'm angry, I'm in disbelief... Can't believe I am starting over...💔 💔 😩 😩 Well I'm sure this isn't a common occurrence, I'm sure this has happened to someone else out there



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