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Copy search result link

Copy search result link

i'm looking to copy the search result link but for a record label search, i found this on how to make the link:


Link to search results from Spotify

Spotify can also make any search results into a link. In previous versions of Spotify, doing this was quite simple — after conducting a search, you’d right-click the keywords that appeared at the top-right of the Spotify window to open a pop-up menu that let you copy the search link. In the current version, you don’t seem to be able to right-click these results.

For a URI-style link, type your search query after the parameter spotify: search:.

For example, a search for only happy when it rains becomes the addressspotify:search:only+happy+when+it+rains for the URI-style link. For the HTTP web link, this becomes


The problem i'm having is the search term i'm using is label:"the store for music"


how would you type that in this link:

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