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Could the app treat Russian users more respectfully?

Could the app treat Russian users more respectfully?

Hello. Hope I am writing it in the right place. Otherwise I apologize 🙂


I'm from Russia and I use Spotify app on Android and Linux desktop and I generally like it, but there is one thing upsets me. First I'll try to explain the situation in general: in Russian language there are different ways to appeal to person, ex: if you talk to your friend or to person who have the same social status like you, you can use informal form of words, but if this person has more heighter status, or if yor meet him or her first time, or if you being in some service communication... Shortly, if you want to show some respect, you better use formal "respectfull" form of words. In English usually there are no differences between forms of words, you can say, for example, "choose" to you friend and to your boss, but in Russian you say "vibiray" ("choose" in Russian) to your friend and "vibirayTE" to your boss. I specially marks the part of word "TE" to show this difference. I can compare it with "choose" and "could you chose" in English, but it's not completely the same anyway.


Spotify app use informal form of words to talk to me, is it correct? I talk about just "forms of words", becouse it just about them: in English version everything is ok, app use a neutral style of communication. Of course there are a lot of situations when you can choose the form of words by your feel and not any form will be a mistake. But there is one thing: communication culture. Spotify app talks to me like "Hey, dude, yo, what's up", but we are not friends. It seems like you speak with ignorant guy who don't care about the difference between you and his buddy. I know, it's maybe kind of style, when you talk to users "close friendly", but it looks disgusting, vulgar and tasteless.


And I want to say: please, respect me for a bit at least, I pay you money. I don't ask about some special attitude and, by the way, on your web-site in an account there are normal neutral style with formal forms of words and it's ok. It looks like the app has been transleted by another people who think that it's a good idea to communicate with users as with teenagers. Or maybe it translated automatically. Anyway, now I use English version of Spotify app, becouse I hate such kind of translation, but I'm sad about such unrespectful attitude to Russian users.



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