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Daily Mix playlist changing order

Daily Mix playlist changing order

I have persistent issue with Daily Mix playlists. For example purposes let's say I have only two. I look at them and I see:

  • Daily Mix 1
    Artist X, Artist Y, Artist Z
  • Daily Mix 2
    Artist A, Artist B, Artist C

I pick the first mix and let it play. Then, let's say another day I start my PC and Spotify, hit play. I hear one or two songs from X, Y or Z but then I start hearing A, B or C :? I go to the recommendations and I see that Daily Mix 1 has artist a, B and C and Daily Mix 2 has artist X, Y, Z.


I know that this is not a deal breaker or a breaking bug but it is soooooo frustrating when it happens.


Anyone else experienced it and/or found a solution?


Kind regards,


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Ok, I think 3 weeks is enough to have at least initial answer, no?

Ok, I guess over two months is still not enough.

Hey @bMind!


Thanks for reaching out to us about this and sorry for the delayed reply.


The Daily mixes consist of 50 songs which shuffle daily but the way they are organized in the numbered playlists can change due to few different factors.


For example if you're listening to more of a certain genre it could move up in the numbered list.


If you like a certain selection of songs you can easily save them in a playlist on the desktop app. You can mark the tracks with the Ctrl+A  keys > right-click on a song > choose Add to playlist.


You can also leave a +Vote on this idea if you'd like to see the way the mixes currently work changed.


Hope this info helps! We'll be here in case you have any further questions about this.

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Definitely not an answer I was looking for.. 😞


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