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Daily Mixes randomly disappearing

Daily Mixes randomly disappearing

Plan: Free

Country: UK

Device: All Devices

Operating System: Windows 10 and Android


I keep on losing access to my daily mixes. This is my situation today:

Web: missing mix 3

PC: missing mixes 4, 5 & 6

Tablet (Win10): missing mixes 5 & 6

Phone: missing mixes 3, 4, 5 & 6


The situation is different each day, some days all 6 appears. 

I have seen many posts on here about this issue, all of which seem to get marked as solved when it randomly happens to show all 6 lists.


This is particularly annoying on the phone, as Daily Mixes are implemented as normal playlists there (~50 tracks per list) instead of "endless mixes", I can quickly collate a 300 track list that I can shuffle between (as there is no option to shuffle between daily mixes, despite being repeatedly requested for as long as they have been around).


Have tried the following, none of which work:

  • Logging in and out.
  • Restarting.
  • Reinstalling the app.
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Ok so today all are here.


On the desktop version I have noticed some arrows to the top right of the daily mixes where you can side scroll to the others. So that may explain the missing mixes on my PC&Tablet.


On the mobile version I used to access the daily mixes via the "Made for you" section on the home tab. I think this has undergone multiple changes, there used to be something like a "more" button which gave you access to all the mixes, I think at another time you had scroll to find them. Anyway only mixes 1 and 4 were available via the home tab today, but I noticed that there is now a "Made for you" section on the "Your Library" tab which had all the mixes.

Hopefully all the mixes will stay there. 


Not sure what happened on the web player before. But I notice there is a view more button to the top left of the daily mixes on the home tab. So it might be worth trying there if they don't appear. There is also a "Made for you" tab at the top of the "Your Library" page on the web player.


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