Deleting Albums?

Deleting Albums?


My favourite song "Lay Down Your Love" by Whitesnake seems to be deleted by Spotify yesterday. In fact the whole album seems to be missing. I have listened to this album many times on Spotify and for some reason it seems to have dissapeared. Can someone please tell me why??!!?!



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To answer your question, Spotify actually does not delete any albums or songs.


Only the artists, publishers, and their aggregators add or remove content. Many deleted songs or albums can be because the artist does not want their music to be on Spotify anymore.


But in many cases, music is removed temporarily when rights change or the publisher is reorganizing its catalog. There may be a chance it will come back on or you just have to keep searching for it.


You can read more in the music FAQ.


I hope this can be helpful! Let me know how it goes! Bye!!

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