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Discover Weekly List overwhelmed with "zen" suggestions

Discover Weekly List overwhelmed with "zen" suggestions







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I play a looping track at night for sleeping.  Recently, it has become the only thing that seems to influance my Discover Weekly list.  I used to LOVE my discover weekly lists.  I've been playing the same night time sounds for years and it wasn't an issue until the past few months.  My Discover Weekly list is now compleatly unusable.  I don't listen to "zen" sounds during the day and don't need any new ones.  The one i have works great. I'd rather hear new music for daytime or during my workout etc.  This is done through Sonos which doesn't have the option to make it a "private" session that i'm aware of.  Also, based on what I read about that option, i would have to manually remember to toggle back and forth.  That would make Sonos integration fairly useless.

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Try using the Like and Dislike feature in the Discovery Weekly to see if that helps.


If you want absolutely no sleep music in your Discover Weekly playlist, we recommend toggling on a private session through the Spotify app and then using Spotify Connect to stream to your Sonos speaker. You'll only need to toggle on a Private Session before your session.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


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I prefer the controls of the Sonos system when playing music on my Sonos.  Furthermore, the answer you provide kills any home automation that has been set up.  Why partner and integrate if your going to just tell your users not to use the systems anyway.  Lutron does not provide a way to turn on or off private options and neither does Sonos as you must know based on your response to just use the spotify app instead.  Clearly, I did my research and know the private options are a suggestion and did not find this as a satisfactory response.


What about if you ask the google home system to play a playlist?  There was a pretty massive project around that in the very recent past.  Would the suggest still be to "use the spotify app and set to to private every single night before you go to bed" rather than the google functionality your company and google just spent dollars and man hours to integrate?

I am also now experiencing this problem and sleep music has infiltrated basically all of my recommended playlists, preventing me from actually using Spotify normally. I have been disliking things as they show up, but considering the amount of hours that I have sleep music going, it seems to be overwhelming anything that I can do on my own.

The best solution here would be to support private sessions on Google Home, either via a setting or as an added keyword to the voice action (e.g. "Play X on Spotify in a private session").

Or they could just allow loyal premium users to have one extra profile on their account specifically for sleep or workout or writing or studying music that doesnt effect their algorithm! This is so stupid. Getting increasingly **bleep** at spotify's removal of features and ability to integrate / function on external devices (liuke for example crossfade one external devices wth). Why would u even have a huge interest / use of music and not be using external devices.

Hi @stormysho,


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We understand where you're coming from and it looks like other users feel the same way. There is an existing idea which suggests a change similar to the one many of you have requested - feel free to add your vote to it here.


If you'd like to suggest something different, however, you can always submit a new idea for it.


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. You can read more about it here.


Hope this info is useful. Give us a shout if there's anything else we can help you with.

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Your solution is to send us to a link to a feature suggestion people have been asking for since 2016 and Spotify has officially marked as “not gonna happen” that’s rude.


literally saying “look here are over 800 people who agree with you, this is the thread where we tell them to **bleep** off”

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