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Discover Weekly Sorting Issue

Discover Weekly Sorting Issue

On my computer, I can't organize Discover Weekly in it's original order anymore. I can only organize by song name, artist name, album name, time added, length. There should be more columns added. And especially a track number column added. 
On my phone, I can't change the order at all I believe? So now it's in different orders on my phone and computer. So can't listen where I left off on one platform.
2 Replies

Hey there! 


Thanks for bringing this to out attention. You can find more info about how to filter and sort your playlists here.


The idea for a track number column is really good. Suggest it in the Ideas board and get support from other users.


Take care 🙂



Sorry this is 4 years late but I just had this issue and I resolved it by uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify on my Windows. It went back to the original sorting.
The Spotify customer service could really have been more helpful here, if I can think of this solution they should be able to too, no?

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