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Discover Weekly resetting on Monday and then again on Tuesday

Discover Weekly resetting on Monday and then again on Tuesday

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a sort of unusual problem with Discover Weekly. 

The playlist usually resets Sunday/Monday night. I see the new songs loading when I wake up Monday morning.


For the past two weeks however I've noticed that I get a new Discover Weekly on Monday and then the playlist re-sets again on Tuesday. I couldn't believe it at first but now I'm sure that this happened over two consecutive weeks.


I use Spotify Web, iOS. I have an ITTT rule set up that automatically adds any new songs in "Discover Weekly" playlist to a "Discover Archive" playlist. Find attached two screenshots showing that there were songs added to my Discover Archive on consecutive days, meaning my Discover Weekly re-set twice in one week. 


I'd appreciate any input on this

16 Replies

Got the same problem, also with "Release Radar". Only different thing is that 2 weeks ago, the update came at midnight, then, just an hour later, another update and i lost a full Discover Weekly. This week, same problem you got. Quite annoying.

I'm having the same problem. It's annoying, because I end up losing songs I'm considering adding. I've also noticed that the Tuesday reset shares a good number of songs with the Monday reset.

Also happened to me. I lost most of the songs but some of the songs in the playlist are the same as before. Really strange I wonder why.

It happened 3 times in the last 4 weeks. Last week all ok, this week the problem returned. Like you i got almost half of the "real" Discover Weekly on Tuesday. I contacted Spotify Cares, they say they are taking care of that problem, but anyway it looks weird. Try also you to contact them, so they see it's not an isolate case.

Hey, thanks! I didn't realise there is an official spotify support out there!

It's happening every tuesday on my account, at this point I'm kinda happy with getting twice the amount of Discover Weekly tunes and kinda don't want it to stop 😛

Will contact them! 

Yup same problem here, it's happened twice so far that I know of. I normally copy my Discover Weekly to a new playlist each Monday morning, and then listen from the Discover Weekly Playlist for a few days before picking favorites. That's when I noticed on Tuesday that the track listing had changed overnight.

Had the same thing this week! And it was horrible, because normally my DW sucks, but this one was aaawesome! All these new sounds that I really digged! But tomorrow, about half of the tracks were replaced. 


What I did do on Monday, is vote some songs down, so they were greyed out. These have all disappeared, but also a lot of other tracks that I really liked! I wish I could get the list of yesterday back (yeah, there's an ifttt script for that, but that doesn't work if you enable it afterwards, I think), but I'm mainly confused by this glitch in the matrix. Would love to understand it - and to be able to prevent it from happening (without backing up via ifttt, because that all sounds a bit cumbersome and unnecessary).

This time i didn't get the update on sunday but on monday......

any solutions? just got the same problem like 1 hour ago. lost all the songs.

I don't have this problem anymore, but now i receive the update only on tuesday......

Same problem here. 5/6 last weeks, new weekly on Monday, then wiped and a new one on Tuesday.

Hi everyone, me again.


I think I have a fix of sorts for this issue, I contacted Spotify support last week (shoutout to Jason C) and they were able to step me some quick steps which looks to have fixed the issue for me, at least for this week so far.


Basically Jason got me to un-follow, and then re-follow my own Discover Weekly playlist via the Spotify application. The content of the playlist was the same as you'd expect, so I checked again on Monday.


Interestingly, the playlist hadn't updated at all for Monday, however on Tuesday it reset as it had been for the last few weeks.


So long story short, I think I'm back to only one update a week but it's magically on Tuesday instead. Perhaps this is what happened to you as well nighthawk989.


I'll post again if anything else weird happens next week, if it reverts back again etc.


Also if it helps someone it took me a while to work out how to un-follow and re-follow the playlist in the Windows Desktop application. You can do it as follows:


  1. At the top of the left hand side menu, click Browse.
  2. In the right hand pane, click DISCOVER in the horizontal menu (it's second from the right as at 2018-06-21)
  3. The Discover Weekly playlist should be listed below the horizontal menu, right click it and select Unfollow from the context menu.
  4. Right click it again and select Follow from the context menu.

Good luck, hope this helps someone else!

Hi man, thanks for the suggestions! Anyway, last week, it reverted to monday/tuesday double update! All quite random it seems to me! Anyway i'll try again your steps!

I had the problem again this morning :'( Just when I had a really good new discover weekly on Monday! I was really looking forward to listening it again. 


Anyone else still has this? Or am I alone in this?




I'm having the same problem this week. Alternatively, i get the playlist only on tuesday, or i get regularly on monday, then on tuesday half of it is resetted!

i have this problem to. monday and wednesday(today) updated my list itself. spotify have no idea i think .


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