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Don't promote artists for you own gain

Don't promote artists for you own gain



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 I don't see any reason why you would plaster my playlists with that pathetic "musician" Drake

I have no and have never had any interest in his shitty music. So why the **bleep** is he plastered all over my playlists.. please whatever retarded marketing guy thought this was a good idea. Fire him/her 


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I really do not want to pay a monthly subscription so you can show me ads 

Hey @zaffa,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us on the Community.


We’re always trying new and interesting ways to work with our artists, and we really do value your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward.


If you have any further comments, feel free to let us know in this thread!

I seems this is getting worse.. enough with the shitty podcasts.i never played a single one of them via your service but you keep pushing and pushing for it.. ill unsubscribe today.

Hey @zaffa,


Thanks for your post.


There are other users in the Community, who'd like the option to customize their recommendations. 


Head over to this Idea thread and add your +Vote to show support. Don't mind the Not Right Now status, this just means that something like this won't be implemented in the next upcoming update. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is to get implemented in the future.



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