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Echo Multi-Room Music - Now Playing out of Sync.

Echo Multi-Room Music - Now Playing out of Sync.


Edit: caught it on video:

This time the issue seemed to happen going from a longer song but shorter song.



Premium Family



Device / OS

3 Echo Dots 3rd Gen

Android 10 on Pixel 4xl,

Windows 10 Spotify App


My Question or Issue


Basically whenever I'm playing music on Spotify to my multi speaker music group The Spotify apps, and I believe the Spotify servers, indicate a different track is playing after a while.


Things seem to get out of sync a little bit.


I've noticed this happens most often when I'm listening to a track that's shorter than the next track.  For example I'm listening to a 3-minute song, which is followed by a 4-minute song in the queue.

What seems to happen is once in the first song ends and the second song begins The Amazon echoes play the second song from the beginning like normal, and the listening experience is fine, but the app will switch to the second song and show the playback point starting from 3 minute point.


After a dozen or so tracks you're quite out of sync.


The biggest frustration is probably that Spotify is developing their profile on my music tastes based not on the songs I'm actually choosing to listen to or skip.  Also it causes the last FM integration which seems to be server side to trigger the Scrobble for songs that I haven't even listened to yet or will skip.


Sorry this doesn't make sense it's hard to explain clearly.  I might have to make a video or something to demonstrate.


I've tried googling and looking for a solution to no avail.


All the devices are on the same exact network / vlan / subnet.  I've made sure to disable Crossfade smooth transitions etc.



Other notes:

Its possible that they're connecting to different access points, but all my access points use the same SSID.  According to my router all the echoes and the cell phones are on 5ghz.  All devices are allowed to see each other as well.

  All the Amazon devices play the same song at the same time, and there seems to be very little to no delay between them.  

I haven't tried anything with iOS, since I don't have an iPhone or iPad.

Issue isn't entirely consistent, but I'm going to try keep an eye on it to reproduce with a video.


Primary device to control Spotify is the Pixel 2 running Spotify


All Android updates installed.


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Any ideas?

How do I know the devs have been made aware of this issue?

Is there a way to escalate this to an actual support request?


I'm trying to be patient but it's been awhile and the issue is quite annoying.

Any feedback on this one? I'm having the same issue with songs going out of sync after the first plays.

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