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Error when using Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

Error when using Spotify on Samsung Smart TV






Samsung Smart TV


My Question or Issue:

Samsung Smart TV - Spotify freezes upon start up with a long error message.  And will not launch.



1. Trying to turn off the TV and turn it on, and also doing the same for Wifi did not work.

2. Using Spotify Connect on multiple devices to try to force the TV to start playing from my phone did not work.

3. SOLUTION: Delete Spotify App on Samsung TV and reinstall.  Directions below.

1. Hit the home button on the Samsung remote.

2. Scroll to Apps and launch

3. Go to settings (top right of screen).  This will display all the installed apps on your TV.

4.  Find Spotify. Click the down button on the remote for the options pick list to appear.  And either Delete the app or click on Reinstall.

5.  If you delete the app, you will need to go back into the app center, find Spotify and install it again.

6.  Once Spotify is either deleted and installed or reinstalled on your Samsung TV, launch the Spotify app on your TV and another device (phone/laptop) and then use your Spotify Connect option to avoid having to put all your log in details again on your TV. 


Enjoy music again!


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Not working!!! Apps was update one year ago, please update soon!! Samsung smart tv.

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