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Extended data been sent to me. Missing data from October to January 2023

Extended data been sent to me. Missing data from October to January 2023

I've just received all my extended data from spotify but I seem to be missing a few months of data from 2022 (as seen in the screenshot attached). Was wondering if you could help me with this 🙂
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Hey folks, 


We hope you're doing great.

We can confirm that this should be fixed now! You should see your complete data if you request it on your account page.

We really appreciate all your reports and comments on the matter, and we know you’d like to make this an opportunity for Spotify to become an incredible app.

We'll be here if anything else comes up. Thanks for your understanding.

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hi, i recently was emailed my extended streaming history data, but there seems to be a large gap where my steams are unaccounted for from between around the 15th of october and yesterday, the 9th of february. what can i do about this?

Plan: Premium

Country: U.S.


Device: iPhone 11

Operating System: Windows


My Question or Issue

So recently, I tried to download all of my personal data from Spotify to use it to visualize and really see what I've been doing for the past few years. I submitted the request on January 20th and finally got it this morning but with a bit of disappointment. I realized that none of my data as of August 16th and onward until today has been catalogued in the database. 


Now I did go to basic training as of August 16th but still listened to music that day and then from October 27th to today. There really should only be a gap between August 17th and October 26th as I wasn't able to listen to any kind of music. Maybe my account was suspended or something? I'm not too sure but especially because recently I have been binging songs and getting into new things, I would really like to have the rest of my data. 


What do I have to do to solve this?

i have the exact same problem. it’s like i didn’t listen to anything between the 15th of october and now. it’s really annoying because i waited a long time to have that data, only for it to be innacurate. please tell me if you find a solution!

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


The relevant team here at Spotify is aware of this issue and is currently looking into it. We'll get back to you in this thread once we have any relevant updates.



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I have the same problem.  Can you provide an ETA for the fix, and will I need to request my data again and wait another 4 weeks? 


This is what the technical team at provided ..

After investigating a batch of these endsong files you received, although there are records of streams taking place in this "dead" period between Oct and Feb, Spotify have failed to include with these streams their unique identifiers which link them to the correct track/artist/album on Spotify. As such these streams are essentially useless.

Yeah got the same issue

Yes, my data is also missing from 15th october- january 18th!! 

yep same issue

Same here, logging here for updates

same here!

same issue..

Same issue here! No data present from October 2022 to February 2023

I also have this problem! Missing data from 15th October 2022 until "now", 10th February 2023! "spotify_track_uri" and other properties are null for streams in this time frame.

Same problem here, really hoping that streaming history isn’t gone

Hi, it's been a couple of days, has the team made any progress? Can we safely request our data again

Same issue here. Hoping for a quick resolution 

Hi there.

It's been a couple days. Any updates would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Same issue here, exactly.

I just got a reply from Spotify's support on Twitter. They have allegedly fixed the issue. Unfortunately we will have to request our extended streaming history again.



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