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Firestick stops playing and closes spotify

Firestick stops playing and closes spotify

I regularly have spotify open on my laptop and amazon firestick. Although sometimes whilst playing it through the firestick it seems to time out? if im on spotify doing things and playing different songs it doesn't do this. But if i want to play one playlist all the way through, it seems to be after around 30/45 mins it stops playing and goes back to the homepage on the firestick, almost like it's crashed? 

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I'm having exactly same problem. Spotify just crashes on the FireStick for no apparent reason; it then goes to the main screen with the adjacent app highlighted (but not launched.)

Same here, but mine doesn't seem to do it after a certain length of time, it's just random. I'd love to know how to fix this.

Have you been able to figure this out? I am trying to listen to Spotify via my Firestick and it will play about 2 songs, then suddenly lose signal & open the home page of the Firestick.

Hi, yes, I did figure it out. It turned out that it had to do with the fact that my remote needed new batteries! Cycling the Firestick by completely unplugging it from the TV and the wall and leaving it alone for an hour didn't even seem to help. So while it sounds completely bizarre, I know -- but each time something goes wonky with my Firestick (e.g., uncontrollable scrolling through apps, apps closing randomly, etc.), as soon as I put fresh batteries in the remote and cycle it again, it all seems to work fine. Good luck!

Ha ha I have this problem AND my remote battery is indeed low. I did wonder if the 2 things were connected but dismissed the idea as ridiculous. 


Will change the remote battery and report back here. 

Totally agreed, I scoffed too, thinking "This is the dumbest thing Ive EVER heard" but was so frustrated, I would have tried pretty much anything.

Can't wait to hear if it worked for you too!
*fingers crossed*

yup, replacing battery fixed this issue

Actually, The Spotify app tries to continue running in the background causing rapid Firestick TV remote battery drain.

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