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Following a private playlist?

Following a private playlist?

I noticed that on my Friend Activity, I could see a friend listening to a song from a playlist that's apparently set to private.

I first thought it was the name of the album but when I clicked on it, it showed a playlist that my friend had made. However, she does not have that playlist in her Public Playlists page. I'm guessing if a playlist that's created by you is not on your Public Playlists list, it must have been set to private. 

It certainly is a problem that your live activity reveals your private playlist. The only solution to this as far as I know is for an individual to go into Private Session mode, but it would be much nicer if your activity through a private playlist would only reveal the name of the album and not the playlist itself. 

Did anyone else experience this issue of having their private playlist followed by other people/ or the hunch that you're following a private playlist? Is it possible that a playlist could be public but not on the Public Playlists page?

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Hey @grace9071! Welcome to the Spotify Community! 🙂


Yes, I know what you mean.


It's strange that everybody can see your private playlist in the friend Feed.


The only two things you can do against that are:

  1. Go into a 'Private Session
  2. Deactivate the option that followers/friends can see you in their friend feed

And all of your published playlists will show up in your public playlists. 🙂



I have another problem/question.
Already had 2 persons following some of my playlists but few days ago I set all my playlist to "PRIVATE" I thought the followers would disappear. Now I wonder  if they still can see those playlists.

This is not an intelligent feature/bug and contradicts your customers understanding of "private" and "secret." Please either change the wording to represent "unlisted," or the functionality so that people can't see a private playlist just because I'm listening to it.

Hey all,


If you have a playlist and another users follows it before you make it private, this playlist will only be private on your profile. It will still appear on the other users' profile.


You could create a new playlist, set it to private and move all songs before you delete the original playlist.


Hope this works for you. Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day!

Hi 🙂
Already had to ask to a friend on spotify which follows some of my playlists before these were private, we made an experiment and discovered he can't see the playlists.

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