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Friend Feed not working at all

Friend Feed not working at all

Hello everybody,


This is my first tpost here. Since a while I am missing my friend feed (Windows 10). Instead of the friend feed, I am just getting the meassage:


"Hmm, the Friend Feed failed to load."


With the option to try again, which never works.

I have read somewhere that this might be a server problem, where my log in name is not properly linked to my account number.


I have tried to log out and disconnect from all accounts. Also, I have re-installed Spotify.

Help would be gladly appreciated.





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Hi @olli1122, thanks for giving basic troubleshooting a shot. I have escalated this, will let you know if I get a response.

Hey @olli1122


Could you try uninstalling Spotify and then download the program 'CCleaner' to clear your old registry data? Once complete, try another install of Spotify and let us know how you get on.

Hi Pete,


Thank you for the suggestion. I have run the current Ccleaner for registry and files but it did not help as you can see in the screenshot.






Hey @olli1122


Sorry to hear you're still having issues.


This could be a connection issue. Could you try the following steps shown here (for Windows)? Then log back into your account and check if your Friend Feed loads. 


Let us know how it goes. 


Hey @olli1122,


Are you still experiencing this issue?


Have you tried the steps suggested by @James?


Let us know how you get on so we can investigate further. 



Dear Pricilla,


Thanks you for asking. I am still experiencing the same issues. As I mentioned before, I read that the instances can be caused by a server based broken link between my name and my internal user ID. I don`t have an idea what I could further do on my side.






Hello members, I haven't given up yet and would like to add an interesting observation.


When installing Spotify on a different PC (Windows 7 instead of Windows 10 this time) and logging in, the same message: "Hmm, the friend feed failed to load" comes up again. It is evidence that the problem has nothing to do with my PC or the particular installation but is a Spotify server issue.


I still suspect that there there is a misconnect between my user name and my Spotify internal user number on their server as indicated in at the top of the thread.


I would be immensely glad if a Spotify admin could answer to this thread.





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