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Genelar View of spotify

Genelar View of spotify

Hi All, 


I know I should create a new post for each idea but I'll not do it because I know spotify want to make money not a good music service. Spotify's tarket is not who really love and understand music but the vast majority of people who doesn't really care about seek and explore music. It's unbelivable that many people asked for what CAN NOT BE AN OPTION and it's still not there. I say what I want to say without any expectation really.





If you really like music and you understand how it works, you know that record labels have a particul flavor and (if you like) you want to view all published album and you want to follow to get notified of new releases but it's not possible because they don't have a dedicated page as artists and people do have and now it's not even possible to get notifications at all so good luck.





when you got a lot of albums it's crazy to find what you are looking for. The possibility to create folders and subfolders to organize your library as you like really help you to find immediately what you are looking for.


I don't remember every album by heart, I usually remember the artist, the style or the flavour. I don't want to go to artist section, open the relative profile and scroll there the album I'm looking for. What if I am not following that artist? I want to go to my albums and find immediately what I am looking for.


I don't want to use playlists because I want just to organize my library and find quickly what I'm looking for. I don't want a playlists with lots of albums because the purpose of a playlist is not to organize my library.


Even when I remember the name of the album it's easier look for it from the search bar because scrolling a very big list and find the album at the Z takes more time.


This is very easy with folders and subfolders that give you at the first look the idea of what you'll find inside and with three/four click/tap you get what you want. 





Of course notifications are essential and without that nothing is possible.


Imagine you can follow people and get notified when they add a new album in their list or a song in their playlist or create a new playlist (if the privacy allows that). That would create the phenomenon of DJ's like youtubers on youtube.


Imagine if you can create groups where you can share particular kind of music with people and dicuss about it, not just collaborate at one playlist. 


Imagine if spotify tells you who listen to your same music close to you that you can really meet, you could make new friends with it (expecially if you love music and you don't listen the mainstream one).


What makes facebook addictive is sharing and the endless possibility to create group or page to follow but WITHOUT NOTIFICATIONS NOTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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