Google Home Mini stops playing Spotify for no apparent reason

Google Home Mini stops playing Spotify for no apparent reason

Out of the blue this weekend one of my Google Home devices has stopped streaming music from Spotify with any consistency. When asked to play music it will start playing and then at some random time just stop playing.  Although the GH still thinks it is playing music. I have never had this issue on this devices, and the other two Google Home devices I have are not experiencing the issue. I have done the following steps:

1) restarted Google Home
2) restarted my phone
3) restarted my WiFi access point
4) factory reset my Google Home
5) disconnected the Spotify account from the Google Home App, and then reconnected it
None of these steps have addressed the issue.
The oddest thing is when I open Spotify on my phone it still thinks music is playing on the Google Home. Even Google Home things it is still playing music as it acknowledges commands and confirms it is playing music on Spotify.
Is this a result of a software update that I need to back out of?  I have read several threads about this being an old issue, but I have never experienced it before and I am not experiencing it with any other streaming service.  Google Music will play all night long with no issues






Samsung Galaxy S8plus

Operating System

Android Oreo



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