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Group Session - Stop code expiring

Group Session - Stop code expiring

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iPhone / Alexa


In our shared office we're using the very useful Group Session on a specific account used only for the office, playing through the office Alexa.


An iPhone is used to set up the Group Session and the Spotify Scan Code is then copied and shared, generally printed out and stuck to a notice board.


This works perfectly, until the Group Session Scan Code seems to expire and no longer work. We're not sure how long this takes after pausing the music. But it requires someone logging into the office Spotify account and creating a new session / printing out a new code etc, then logging out and back into their own account again.


Could this session be made permanent, until that account explicitly ends a session?


Further on this.

If there was a way to also have Spotify hide a watermark in the audio playing so that just having the app "listen to join" would be enough to join a session, that would be fantastic.


That way, you could add a command to the Alexa app such that "Alexa, create a spotify group session", would be enough and not require printing out of codes etc.



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I do the same and having a permanent group session code / link would be amazing!

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