[Playlists] Is there any way to recover previous versions of a playlist?

[Playlists] Is there any way to recover previous versions of a playlist?

My favorite playlist is Soft Pop Hits. It's like the person who made shared all my favorite songs. But yesterday, it was updated and looks completely different. That playlist was my life 😞 Can I get the April 12, 2019 version of Soft Pop Hits back? Thanks.


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It's not possible to view older versions of other users' playlists.  But if you ever find a playlist that you like and want to make sure you keep these songs, try dragging all songs into one of your own playlists. This is done very easily on a computer.


Hope this will help. Let us know if you have further questions.


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I kept running into this same issue, so I built a small system for archiving public Spotify playlists. In fact, it's already archiving the "Soft Pop Hits" playlist you mentioned! If you have additional playlists that you want archived, it should be straightforward to add them. Check it out here:

Does your archiving software works retroactively?
I loved a playlist called Concentração Perfeita by Spotify in Brazil in the the versions of the playlist that was online from Oct, 2019 to Mar, 2020, but between March and April they changed the playlist and some of the songs I loved most are not there anymore, and I really wish to recover the previous tracklist in order to make my own playlist with the songs.

Unfortunately no, the software doesn't work retroactively. Nonetheless, I add the "Concentração Perfeita" playlist to the archive so that this doesn't happen again in the future.

Hi. Can you add the  Monday Motivation playlist  mate? I am looking for the song list from mid March 2020. Cheers 

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