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Harman kardon Aura Wifi with Spotify connect seems not working?

Harman kardon Aura Wifi with Spotify connect seems not working?

Hello all,
i Just bought a Harman Kardon Aura, It is connected to my home network, so is my phone! and i did make sure My speaker is on wifi connect mode.
But i can't find my speaker on spotify connect

and i did check my wifi setting, i can see my speaker and my phone are both connected on the wifi network.
Someone can help me with this problem? thanks

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Same issue with IPhone since update to iOS 13. All of the sudden nothing but connection issues.


In all honesty, after owning the aura for 3 years, I'm amazed by the sound quality, but disgusted about the technology. You can't disable BlueTooth: anyone can take control of your speaker without asking. The WiFi does not allow long passwords: I had to change my password length of the complete network, just to accomodate the speaker. The WiFi does not support channel 13 in the 2.4Ghz range: I had to again change from using this relatively unpopulated band to using the crowded other bands.

I am now getting so fed up with the constant loss of signal that I'm changing to another supplier. I'm done with them.

For me this is not a spotify issue: it's the combination of Apple IPhone iOS13 and the low quality network tech in the speaker.

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