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Has radio been removed from the web player?

Has radio been removed from the web player?

Last week I noticed that the radio button has disappeared from the web player. It's also not possible to launch a radio station from the context menu of a song or artist. I could confirm this on two PCs using Firefox and Windows.


That's really strange, because the radio can still be started by navigating to


In the Android app the button is still there and stations can be started from the songs as well.


I'm wondering if the radio functionality is about to be removed completely or if it is only a bug in the GUI of the web player.




2 Replies

I've been having the same issue, but thanks for the link directly to the radio. That works for as a work around until someone actually fixes this.

I was really disappointed by this update, because I use the radio more often than any other feature of Spotify in my web player.  However, I recently noticed that on playlists, under the green "follow" button are 3 small white dots.  If you right-click on the dots, a drop-down menu appears, the first option for which is to "start radio." I don't see the same option available for specific artists, but you can also "start radio" for individual songs.  I'm not certain if it is possible to save specific radio stations the way it used to be.  

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