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Music from computer not downloading to iPhone.

Music from computer not downloading to iPhone.



I have a problem with donwloading my local music from computer to my iPhone. It worked for me all the time but when I want to do it now it's impossible. When i play music on computer and click on my iPhone to listen on it, it says that music was not downloaded "to download do ... and steps" which I've done. I have 5 gb free space on iphone, and music which is on spotify downloads without any problems. I am also connected to the same Wi-Fi. Whats the matter? I have only iPhone and computer connected to spotify so it's not more than 3 devices. How do I fix it? That's really annoying. 

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Are the local files on a seperate playlist? If not you could try putting all of them onto a playlist and then try downloading that playlist on your phone. There might be a quicker/easier way to do it, but this is what I have done with some local files previously.

Good luck!

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Tried this, but it didn't work 😞

GUYS! I've found the solution. I had my PC connected via Wi-Fi. What I did was, connecting my PC through the cable , and it worked!! 

Hope it works for you guys.

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