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Hide playlists I follow

Hide playlists I follow

I can make my own playlists secret so they don't show up in my profile.


However, how do I do the same with playlists I'm following? All playlists I follow show in my profile!

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Hey @rad0x6f,


You can always set playlists to Make Secret (whether you've personally made them or you're just following them). Just follow the steps at 🙂

Thanks! I didn't notice you can do that with the desktop app. There is no option to make followed playlists secret from the phone or ipad apps.


You're welcome!


You can see that option when you open a playlist then tap the ellipsis button (...) found at the upper right-hand corner. You should be able to see the Make Public/Make Secret option 🙂

Hi! how would i do the opposite? how would i make playlist i follow public?

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