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Honestly, **bleep** YOU, Spotify!

Honestly, **bleep** YOU, Spotify!

I've had it with your bull**bleep**. Literally.

First - I contacted you 3 times to fix a song's wrong metadata 2 years ago. AND IT'S STILL NOT FIXED AND WILL NEVER BE.

Second - what was your **bleep**ing problem with Infant Annihilator ?!

Third - A lot of songs are just not available for me due to my country, but I don't see a problem why that is. Sometimes it's 1 song from an album, sometimes it's the whole album. WHAT THE **bleep**?!

And now I got a Time Capsule playlist where a lot of songs are unavailable for me. SERIOUSLY ?!

I've never had issues with Google Play Music and their quality is way better than yours. So **bleep** you, I'm unsubscribing,.

And the Spotify account security is non-existent. A person can get their account stolen in no time if a hacker knows their username and password if they use the same password for a lot of accounts. Add some form of 2FA or something else...

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