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Horizontal option for mobile devices?

Horizontal option for mobile devices?

Like most classical music fans on Spotify, I've found Spotify's naming conventions to be super-frustrating. Yesterday I tried to search for Mahler's 2nd Symphony: Entering all 3 terms (Mahler, symphony, 2) into the search bar, you can see what I got. Granted I didn't give myself a lot of time to look at these entries one by one, but bottom line is: Because of how Spotify handles long names, I never found what I was looking for.


There have been lots of suggestions about track and album labeling for classical music on these forums. My sense is that the number of classical listeners is small enough that nothing much has come of this.


Here then is a potentially simple fix: If I could view the app on my iPhone horizontally rather than vertically, at least MORE of the names would be visible. Most apps "flip" orientations when the phone is rotated. Could Spotify do this for us as well?

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