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How to block or stop a podcast from automatically playing

How to block or stop a podcast from automatically playing

I pay for Spotify Premium. I UNFOLLOWED a podcast and Spotify STILL plays it  automatically after I listen to the podcasts that I do follow. I found instructions on how to stop this from happening, which was to give the podcast a low rating and then Spotify won't automatically play it again, but this did not work. I gave a low rating, I unfollowed, I didn't have any of those episodes saved, so how do I block this incredibly irritating podcast? 



iPhone and also Web browser - have the same issue on both devices


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Hey there @stopautoplaypodcast,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome. 


At the moment, there's no option to permanently block a podcast. We understand where you're coming from, and we really appreciate the time you took to let us know about this. You can have a look in our Ideas board to see if someone else has a similar idea and vote for it.


If perhaps you don't find any ideas on those lines, you can post your own idea, but keep in mind you have to follow our Ideas Exchange Guidelines. That way, your suggestion will be approved more quickly and smoothly.


As a workaround for now, we'd suggest disabling the Autoplay feature in your accounts settings, so you can avoid the podcast being suggested once you finish listening to a different podcast. Regarding this, another user suggested this interesting idea about having different Autoplay settings for both music and podcasts.


We hope you found this helpful. We're always here to help.

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Absolutely ridiculous that this doesnt have the feature, I accidentally clicked some garbage once that has content that I consider OFFENSIVE and I cannot remove it..getting ready to cancel entire family subs.

I would like to stop the autoplay of podcasts I no longer like. Please help the community

Same problem, not sure what to do 

Same. I accidentally clicked on a podcast in my car and now I'm haunted by it forever? I expect this from a free service but not this overpriced one. 

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