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How to create playlists in my Tesla

How to create playlists in my Tesla

Hi, I've now got Spotify for my car, a Tesla Model S.

- But when I use the Tesla profile I can't make any playlists, how do I do that?

- I can't find my playlists from my other free account, how do I find them?

- What is my profile name for my Tesla account? I whould like to send playlists to that account.


Please help me fast!




Pontus Forsman

8 Replies

Probably a bug in the current version, most public playlist can't be found but some can.

Anyone at Spotify that can confirm this bug?

Yes, I have the same problem.

Now, we have several solutions : 
1. We have to find the Tesla's account name to share our playlist with
2. We have to add, one by one, each music or album we'd love to see in "my music"
3. We can wait for a tesla upgrade of the spotify app

Aff to "My music" doesn't work it's deleted every time i restart the car.

Same problem here in UK.


I have imported playlists from iTunes on WinX into Spotify on WinX that I wish to listen to in car. Those playlists will then appear in car but will not play, the titles are there but greyed out.


I therefore cancelled Spotify Premium to wait for a solution [as this method will not work using the Tesla Spotify account].


I really would like to get a fix for this. I enjoy the playlists I have curated over the years, plus smart playlists from iTunes.




Same issue, has someone a solution?

I have found a solution when logged in and with a premium account at GBP10 per month. I had help over a number of weeks!!! to do this from the @spotifycares twitter account.


The playlist[s] you create in Spotify on your local PC must not be a playlist imported from iTunes - the only playlist that works in the car is one with Spotify tracks compiled on the PC, not from the imported lists which are made from "local" files which exist on your computer.


So if you re-create your playlist, in a Premium account, using Spotify on your PC, that playlist will then appear and work in the car when logged in under the same name.


My continued dismay is with the fact I cannot listen to my itunes tracks on my iPod in the car after connecting by wire, and be able to control thoise playlists from the screen of the car as I have done with several previous cars, eg BMW, Jaguar, Lexus.


I have tried various methods of creating playlists to work on a USB stick, but none of those is satisfactory.









I thought of some more info . . 


This thread on Tesla Motors Club forum has some links to software created by Tesla owners to work round these palylist problems.


I hope this will be a helpful for someone.



so it's still not possible to use the tesla-account to listen playlists from another premium account?

my problem is: if i use My premium accont in my tesla i'm unable to liten music on my PC or smartphone if someone else drives the tesla

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