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Creating a Playlist or finding existing playlist with multiple bands

Creating a Playlist or finding existing playlist with multiple bands

Hi there,


I´m using Spotify on my Windows Phone but I don´t think it´s a Windoes-Phone specific problem, more like a general Problem (as I could not find a way too do that in WebPlayer).


I try to find playlists with mulitple but specific bands e.g.:

Nirvana + Foo Fighters + The Pretty Reckless BUT NOT Nickelback.

The only thing I seem too find is the Nirvana-Playlist, after an hour I have too manually switch too Foo Fighters etc. Isn´t there a way to merge the playlists into one giant playlist with my favourite acts?


In WebPlayer I tried to create a Playlist with my favourite bands, but all I can do is add songs? It´ll take me years too find all songs Nirvana and add them one by one but there must be a better way?


Maybe I´m just plain stupid and don´t see this feature..

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Hello, i`m afraid there is no "merge" feature..

The easiest thing for you to do is to save all Nirvana albums, and later add the other albums.

you don`t need to add song after song,  never used a windows phone, but if you log in to a pc, you can just rigth click a album and add it to a saved playlist 🙂


- Adrian (Btw, sorry for misspelled words)

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