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I have a problem.

I have a problem.






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 I have a problem. Can you help me?

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Hey @ern556 and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you elaborate on the problem you are facing? I'll try my best to help 🙂



I've added "Marshmello - Anne Marie - FRIENDS" to my "favorite songs" list on 28.08.2018. But two weeks ago, Friday (on 08.02.2019) I accidentally clicked on the heart icon. I had a nervous breakdown! I care a lot about song dates. But the fact that this happened to me was very, very sad...

I ask you to bring back the history of this song. I beg you to return the date of the song to 28.08.2018!

Please help me! If my song date comes back, you will make me the happiest person in the world...

(I've been using Spotify Premium membership before, if this issue is resolved, I'll use Premium membership again)

I'm sharing some screenshots as evidence;

Among the songs I listened most in 2018Among the songs I listened most in 2018Among my favorite albumsAmong my favorite albumsOther Anne-Marie songsOther Anne-Marie songsThis is problemThis is problem




I'm sorry but unfortunately it is not possible to change the date for that. I hope some sort of a feature will be added to Spotify one day for that. Have a nice day!

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