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I want to call this idea Gray Mode (?)

I want to call this idea Gray Mode (?)

  • Hey Spotify Team & Light Mode Lovers!


I am a student in UX design (aka not an expert ) but, I am kind of upset with spotify’s response to no light mode option especially for those whose eyes hurt.


I understand the need to stay on brand. I can tell someone has spotify and I know as soon as I glance over because of the black background with white letters. Although, I believe there are other ways to replicate this.

For example(idea😞

  1. using the slate gray color you have on this entry box and the green color that submits in a darker shade or test it out with different combinations!
  2. I also believe that your button (?) designs are very prominent ( love them ) they use a colorful theme theme that implements vector graphics unique to Spotify. I think it would take time but you could in the light mode introduce an even more prominent button or make the colors brighter or a variation of the logo with multiple colors at the top! 

I have had multiple people tell me that they don’t use spotify because it only offers dark mode, I think you have gained enough recognition where you are probably losing more customers than you are gaining by closing this issue off.

I understand if you don’t want to implement it tomorrow, projects take time but I think you owe it to your users to at least say this project would take x weeks to implement or our estimated timeline is so and so. Closing it off sounds like you don’t care about the user, just the brand recognition.

On a positive note, I very much acknowledge your hard work when it comes to UX and making the platform very personalized… which is why I am kind of surprised you just closed this off.


Let me know if you like my ideas? Thank you for making music such a personalized experience for us!


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