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Internship Application: no news good news?

Internship Application: no news good news?



I applied for the 2021 Summer Internship of Podcast Management in Berlin. I received an affirmation email that they received my application. In this email, I was told that it would take a couple of weeks or even months to go through all the applications, but that I would hear back from Spotify as soon as possible. 


The form said that application reviews would run until mid January. It is now the 21st of January and I haven't heard back yet. What worries me is the fact that my WeTransfer files haven't even been downloaded yet (you usually receive an email when your files are downloaded)... 


I'm now wondering whether maybe something went wrong and I would like to ask whether they received my files or not. 


However, I don't really know who to contact (the only email adress I can find is **bleep**, but I don't know if this is the place to be). 


Does anybody know how I can get into contact of the HR-departement responsible for these summer internships in Berlin? Or do you think I should wait a little longer? 


Thanks a lot!!

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Hey @CelineBoogers 


Spotify aims to get back to all candidates as soon as possible, due to the amount of applications receive every year there can be a few hold ups however you'll usually hear an outcome as soon as they have been decided. 


If you wish to check in with the team, you can reach them through however do expect a slight delay in response due to the amount of emails the team can receive.


All the best. 

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