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JRE Data Issue

JRE Data Issue

Today I was listening to the JRE podcast for the first time on Spotify, I downloaded the podcast to my phone so i wouldn't use data but after I got home from an hour of driving I had a notification that my data was capped out for the month. During the drive my phone must have used about 5 gb of data while I made sure it was downloaded before I drove. I'm sure the problem is that only the audio is being downloaded but the video isn't so its streaming it over data. I guess the obvious fix would be to make it so the video is only streaming once your in the app.

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Today I tried to listen to the podcast while driving home myself. I 'just' put it on; and i've experienced a very high data usage throughout as well. I haven't downloaded the podcast, but even when the screen was turned off, it kept a high data usage. When i've got the screen turned off I expect the podcast to only broadcast audio to my car stereo and not keep on downloading the video. I have a limited data plan; and I don't want my data to be wasted at the first week of listening to the JRE...


Spotify please fix this!

Same thing is still happening to me, have you heard anything from Spotify?

Not a word. 

Exactly the same from Spotify. They have not come back on this at all.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this and sharing your experiences with the Community!


There is currently no way to disable video for podcasts. 


You're not the only ones who feel that such a feature should be implemented. You can go ahead and check out these Idea threads Here and Here. Add you +Vote, so you'll be notified as soon as there are any updates on the matter.


We're always trying to improve the user experience and you opinion is important for our developer teams.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.

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So glad I saw others having this issue. JRE on Spotify was my only change in routine, and I got a notice that I'd used 90% of my data and I was barely halfway through the month! I never even go much over half on a good month, I was like wth. And I thought the same, that if I had the screen black and video off, that data consumption would drop dramatically. Yeah, no =[
Please fix this if you want people to listen outside their homes. I'm not going to download every podcast to my phone, I can't even imagine how large the file sizes are.

I just got dinged for $30 in data overages because of this. I smell a class action heating up!!

What a lame response!

Hey guys, there is an issue that even if you download the episode on wifi and then listen, it streams the video unless you’re in offline mode... please vote here to toggle the video off:

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