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Layout Change - no longer able to edit playlists

Layout Change - no longer able to edit playlists


Hoping someone can help me on this one - I had to restart my work computer and now I have a different layout which is very unfriendly and I cannot edit my playlists.  This layout is showing on Firefox, IE and Chrome.


The old layout had the playbar at the bottom of the screen, a search space in the upper left corner, with a text list of playlists below it and allowed the playlist or queue to fill the remainder of the screen.


The new layout is vertical stripes with a toolbar, playlist bar with album cover pictures, playlist and finally play bar stuffed into the upper right corner.  I have seen this layout appear previously, but then it would suddenly change back to the layout described above.  In this vertical stripe layout, I cannot re-order any songs in any playlist.  I have tried to sort by song, artist, album and even song length, but none of them are clickable. I cannot drag a song playing to a playlist, but have to click through the menu, add to, then finally the playlist name. In addition, the column of "date added" is completely gone and the "followers" notification is cut off at the top.   Song titles, artists and albums are all squished and do not display fully due to space limitations.  I am unable to expand the horizontal size of the column either.  I have dragged the window itself to fill 2 screens, and the columns remain the same size, with more black between them.


Is this the current layout, and if so, is there a way to change back?  Or at least a way to edit the playlist?  I was editing a playlist just before restarting, and now it is completely locked.  As it stands, this is completely unusable and ugly. 


For reference, this morning, I had a layout like this:


Now, it looks like: - only much less space in the center column

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One of those images looks like it's from the desktop app and the other from the website, right?

Either you are trolling, confused as to what application you are using or spotify is working to unify the layouts of desktop and web and you're part of the test. I can't tell.


edit: hmm, it doesn't look exactly like the web player so it might actually be the latter. Lucky testing you. 😉

Thanks for the reply, Blubbo.  The images are what I could find online, rather than from my own screen, just for representation.  I am using the web player, and don't have the ability to use the desktop version on this work computer.  


Attached is a current screenshot, with the compressed information showing in the center column.


My web player has also changed layout in the last 24 hours. I am also on a work computer without admin privileges, so I can't install any programs like the desktop app and I have to use the web player or nothing at all. Until yesterday, my web player layout it looked like the picture in the first of OP's links, but now it looks like this: 


Untitled.pngSome of the playlists I have made/subscribed to play without an issue, but others do not. For example, in my screencap there, you can see from the album art in the third column, Keaton Henson is playing, but in the center column, I have clicked PLAY on a different song in a different playlist, and though the track has turned green and visually indicates it's playing, it is NOT actually playing.


Like OP, I'm also unable to sort playlist songs in any way. It seems like the playlists won't load all the way (I can't scroll through the entire list of tracks), while others don't load at all, give me spinning circles of doom below the header area.


This was preceded by none of my playlists loading after about noon PDT yesterday. I've cleared my cache and cookies and logged out and back in several times, with no changes.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one seeing these issues.  I've also have a work computer without admin privliges.  I like to sort my playlists by artist and this new "version" lacks that feature.

I also have the same problem. The thing is we were chosen to test new web player at which looks a lot like desktop player. Others who weren't that lucky were using standard web player at Now it looks like spotify took down new web player and we all are redirected back to I hope it's only temporary. Perhaps they are preparing for release for everyone or updating something. Or (I hope not) they chose another group of people to test new web player.

Thanks for the reply and info, doomspawn.  Late yesterday, I suddenly reverted back to the original player layout, and was able to edit playlists.  Today, I have been on Player.Spotify (checked after your post, Doom), but can't add to or edit again.  Now, I am back on play.spotify with the new column layout and without the ability to edit playlists.  In addition, changes created yesterday are not even showing.


Heres hoping that this can be remedied. 


Spotify - my vote is that I do not like the vertical column layout - I prefer text list of playlists with the play bar at the bottom.  Whatever that is - new, old, changing to.... it is much more useable, gives a better layout, and doesn't leave all the titles cut off.  I don't need a graphical list of album covers on my playlists.  What I do need is to be able to add to playlists and edit them.  Please stop playing with this!

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