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Legal action for Spotify commercially use with personal account

Legal action for Spotify commercially use with personal account

Dear all,

this is my first time to contact Spotify and I have to no idea where should I go, and I am sorry about that.


my issue is, one of my coffee restaurant in Hong Kong that I am currently working with is using their personal Spotify account to play all the music commercially.


I have explained to all of them that Spotify does not support commercially use and they just laugh and insult me in a bad manner. 


I want to improve the community and society to aware this kind of bad behaviour. And their wrong actions


Is there anything or action that I can do to stop Them?


1 Reply

Hey @johnny4d28.


Thanks for providing us with this information.


Could you provide us with some contact details of the place where Spotify is being used for commercial use? 


Once we have that, we can look into it further.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

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