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Local Files on Web Player




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I just recently got this Chromebook, and have been using the Web Player. I know there is an app, but it hasn't been working at all for me. On the Web Player, I cannot find Local Files, let alone Settings itself. I want to upload a song from my files, but I cannot find Local Files. Any suggestions?

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Hey @MrAnonymousUser.


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The Web Player doesn't have all the features that the stand-alone app has. So certain things like being able to add local files won't be possible via the Web Player. You can find some more info about the Web Player here.


You can install the app but you'll need Windows or MacOS to do this.


Hope this answers your question. Let us know if you have further questions.


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Guido's is right.

Do it on a MacOS and a WindowsOS.

When will they add the ability to access local files on the web player? Because on chromebook there is no Spotify desktop app


If you have a fairly recent Chromebook, it can run Android and Linux apps. You can install and use the Android or Linux Spotify app on your Chromebook, otherwise the Chromebook is a web first device.

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