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Loop button suddenly automatically disabled by default

Loop button suddenly automatically disabled by default

I have been using spotify for years and my loop button has always been on. I never switched it off. However, recently it has been defaulted to off and I have to switch it on manually. It now switches off the moment i choose a different song, even if it is on the same album or playlist. I find this extremely annoying and would like to know how I can enable loop by default. I am using spotify premium and this issue occurs on both my phone and computer. Thanks.

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Im sorry i can't be of any help, but if its any consolation the exact same thing has been happening to me for days. Im also using premium.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


The current default behavior is the Repeat One button being disabled after switching to a different track. If you'd like to see this changed, we'd recommend submitting it as an idea here.


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Recently it's not only the Repeat One Button but also the Repeat Button!

Yes happening with me. Contacted support earlier and they’re looking at rectifying the issue. It’s working for other people as well, but shouldn’t be too long before it’s fixed!

I took a Spotify premium plan but I'm unable to loop a song.
Whenever I try to loop a song by pressing the icon, the pressed option disappears in one sec and goes to the next song, it doesn't loop.

why repeat button always change status after switching song? I want to keep it always repeat. Please don't make ma happy by force and keep switching repeat off.

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