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My Web Player Won't Load

My Web Player Won't Load

When I go into spotify everything loads fine and I can log in. Once I log in though the screen for the web player is just black. I tried refreshing the page multiple times and restarting my computer, but it just shows up with a black screen.

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Chiming in to say I have this problem too.

Yeah, this happens to be on both Chrome and Firefox, there's a javascript exception on the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined
at Object.onEnter (web-player.e960f069.js:1)
at Array.o (web-player.e960f069.js:1)
at web-player.e960f069.js:1
at web-player.e960f069.js:1
at l (web-player.e960f069.js:1)
at t.a (web-player.e960f069.js:1)
at o (web-player.e960f069.js:1)
at runEnterHooks (web-player.e960f069.js:1)
at web-player.e960f069.js:1
at o (web-player.e960f069.js:1)

Also tried on Firefox and Edge, both is not working.

Same here.  It's happened numerous times in the few months that I've been a premium member.


 I should mention this is happening in both Chrome and Firefox.  The screenshot is from Chrome.


Same problem here, everything was completely fine up until yesterday. 

Yes, same here, first problems in Firefox for a week (, and now this..

I've also had this problem, is there something wrong witht he web player? i've also posted a topic about this. Nothing yet

Screenshot 2018-04-23 at 08.31.03.png

Also having this issue; same console errors as listed above.

I have the same problem. Just discovered it today.

Just tried clearing my cache, cookies, and stored browser data. No dice. Doesn't work in Microsoft Edge either. My iOS app is working fine.

I have been experiencing that too.  Gave that threat a "me too" as well.


I, too, am experiencing the black screen upon login to web player.

Oddly enough, when I'm on the black screen on my desktop and playing music from my phone, the title of the song playing on my phone appears in the title on the web player tab.

Same problem too

Same problem here after upgrading to latest Chrome Stable

Hope its gonna be a huge update to the look

I'm having this problem too. 

Also experiencing this, as of this morning. Bug?

@ahrmazing wrote:

Also experiencing this, as of this morning. Bug?

maybe, but seeing as it's many people having this problem, there might be an update issue or maybe the staff team messed up something. Either way, the staff team is probably already looking to a solution

Now fixed.

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