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Numan one Internetradio Crashes (maybe when Loading Spotify Connect Cover)

Numan one Internetradio Crashes (maybe when Loading Spotify Connect Cover)

Hey guys! First im German, sorry for my English!

Im Using a Numan One 2.1 Internetradio. When i try Spotify Connect, the Radio works for about 15-20Seconds. Than it Restarts. It wont Dislplay the Cover of the Song. When im in the Menu and Scrolling around, the Radio works normaly. When i go back to the Spotify Connect Display, it Crashes again about 15 Seconds..

Any Ideas? The Brand is no more very actually..

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OK. Just for you (and hopefully for anyone who needs it and reads this), you could configure your radio to use 128 [dot] 140 [dot] 52 [dot] 148 as DNS server.


Note that this is a private server (small VPS at Hetzner), and as soon as I spot any form of abusive behaviour (which I get to define as I want and when I want) I will stop it.


It will forward any DNS request to Cloudflare (, but requests for will return an error ("NXDOMAIN").

Nothing will be logged at all (again, to save space, but also for privacy reasons).


Let me know if it works!

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I'm currently experiencing the same behavior with a different device. My Grundig DTR6000 plays for a while and then restarts. The album cover isn't loaded during that time.
On a slightly newer Grundig DTR6000X I don't run into the problem. The album cover is correctly displayed here.

Very Interesting..

I Hope that there will be a fix or Something...its pretty anoying..

Good to hear I'm not alone!


Spotify has continually crashed my Numan Unison player, after 30 seconds or so.  Last week was fine - now has happened dozens of times over different days this week.


Other functions, such as internet radio are completely fine.  Streaming Spotify to a laptop (on the same network) is fine.


Certainly sounds like a problem with Spotify, which began in a possible upgrade to their systems several days ago.


since two days I'm experiencing the same Problem when using Spotify-Connect on several Internetradios and Smart-Devices with a frontier-silicon chipset (Undok App). My Devices are a Grundig DTR6000 and a Block MHF 900.

Spotify Streaming works for about 20 to 40 Seconds before the Device reboots. When accessing a Menu Option (e.g. system settings) the Streaming keeps working. As soon as I leave the Menu the issue persists. Maybe frontier needs to check a lot of Devices...

This is the specific Spotify Version on my DTR 6000. You can check yours in the System Settings -> Info



Same problem with a Numan Two


Plan: Premium

Country: France

Device: Argon Stream 3 MK2


My Question or Issue

Since a few days my Argon Stream 3 MK2 reboots after 20 seconds when playing songs via Spotify Connect. It has been working flawlessly for multiple years, no updates of software or firmware were performed.

I was told by the seller of the Argon it's a Spotify issue.
Is anybody having the same issue?

Regards, Jérôme

I have the same issue with my Numan Two
Spotify crashes after 20-40 secs

Bluetooth streaming and Internet Radio work just fine.


Highly appreciate a fix for this from @Spotify 

Please take a look at this from Spotify Forum. 4 people have reported the same problem with Numan devices today, and 2 with Grundig music players. The devices have not changed, something has changed with Spotify...?

Today 4 people have reported the same problem with Numan devices, 2 with Grundig music players and one Argon Stream music player. The devices have not changed, something has changed with Spotify - possibly the way it delivers album art.  I'm discussing this issue with @SpotifyCares on X - you might wish to do the same.

Yes the issue is already discussed in the Thread mobailey provided above, on Twitter and on Reddit. Block Audio Devices have the same Problem. It has definetly Something to do with frontier silicon Chipsets and the way Spotify is providing the Album Cover.

Seems like all devices with Spotify version "release-esdk-3.32a-v3.32.26-gbba0b20d" are experiencing this issue...

At the request of Spotify on X, I created two videos of the problem. Both devices use the same Spotify version (release-esdk-3.32a-v3.32.26-gbba0b20d) but different Frontier firmwares. I asked relatives who also use Numan, Technisat and Medion devices. The devices with an older Spotify version (release-esdk-2.8d-v2.8.71-g9919e10f) had no problems, but with the Numan Unison it is also present. However mrhennes Numan two uses an even newer Spotify-Version with the same problem.


I was also able to reproduce the problem when using Multiroom. However, only the Multiroom master, which loads the album cover, crashes. If a SmartSpeaker with a Frontier chipset but without a display is used as the Multiroom master, there are also no problems. So it must be related to the album cover and the Spotify version.


Video 1 Grundig DTR:

Video 2 BLOCK MHF:


Just wanted to /metoo on this. Numan Two, with latest firmware.

It would be nice to know what exactly has changed in Spotify, in case it can be reverted.

They fixed another Bug regarding Spotify-Connect some days ago. Maybe it is related:

As a test I have blocked (supposedly used to server the cover images) on my DNS server, only for the Numan. I will check now whether that helps.

I am on This Version on my Numan:

HEAD-v3.47.7-g1d43f519 so the same as mrhennes.

I Hope they will fix this...


blocking (return NXDOMAIN) solves the issue!! 🙂


(it my case that domain is queried 2x per second (!!!!), which appears wholly unnecessary, but I confirm that after 5 minutes Spotify Connect is working just fine with my Numan Two).

Can you explain how to block it?

What do you mean?


Edit: ah i see.

my speedport doesnt support that i think...

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