Onkyo connection problems

Onkyo connection problems


Hello, i have the following problem. Since few days i cannot use spotify connect to my Onkyo TX 8150 receiver anymore. The connection doesnt work. Before I never had any problems. No changes in my network. Please help

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I'm also having issues connecting to my Onkyo receiver. It shows up as an available device both on my Android phone and from my Windows computer and when I cast to it, it connects successfully, but it stop there.

I can't play any song, it just stays at 0:00. If I disconnect and try to connect again, the receiver no longer shows up as available until I turn it off and on again.


The receiver is an Onkyo TX-RZ710 with the latest firmware (1050-8020-3103-0000)


Please advise,


I have not had a properly functioning connection with my Onkyo 8150  since I bought it months ago. Once I start listening either the connection is broken off completely or is interrupted continuously by seconds of silence. It drives me crazy. You can never tell when it will function properly or when it won't. My internetprovider tells me spotify should solve the problem. I don't know who/what  causes the problem, Spotify or Onkyo.


Me too on an Onkyo TX-NR646. Latest firmware... Sometimes it will connect, sometimes it takes a minute and then it will play and sometimes it won't play at all.

Some help?

  • Same problem here with Iphone. It will connect and play for a short period of time, then it disconnects. I can reconnect but the same thing continues to happen. Very annoying.  On a TX-NR646


I have a very similar problem with my 646. When I switch to the Spotify app from any other app (e.g. a browser etc) the music I interrupted.  I then need to select my 646 and press play 3-5 times before it reconnects and resume playback. 

The problem does not exist with my simpler spotify connect enabled kitchen radio, so it is clearly something related to how onkyo products communicate with Spotify connect. 


Hi, I can't connect to my txnr646 as well. The issue started about a month ago and I couldn't connect to my onkyo ever since.

The receiver is also making a loud buzzing noise after about 10 to 15 minutes, after connecting it to the powergrid. This is the most annoying problem and nobody seems to know any solutions.


Please give us some solutions spotify or onkyo.


i am having the same network issues.  I recently ordered this to hopefully bypass the network connection issue to the onkyo network receiver.    I have the TX - 8050.  It literally worked fine up until about a month ago.  when i go to updae the firmware it says no update.  I am 100% sure my wired ethernet connection works as I plugged the cord into my PC and got on the internet no problem 


I bought an Onkyo TX-NR676E one month ago. The connection with Spotify Connect worked fine. But since 2 weeks it started with interruptions. This drives me crazy! I am sure that my network is ok. There is no problem on other devices. Also when connecting my mobile to the Onkyo via Bluetooth and play music with the Spotify app. But this is not what I prefer...


I just updated the firmware on my Onkyo receiver via USB, since the online firmware check told me that the receiver has the latest firmeware installed.

At the moment everything is fine. The music plays without interruptions


Having this problem too on my tx-rz810. Spotify Connect have worked perfectly for a couple of months and now all of a sudden it does not work. It is shown in the list of devices on all my computers and phones but it does not play any music. Its stuck at 0:00.


Do you have the newest firmare on your receiver? As far as I see, it should be Version 2099-3040-7070-0008.

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