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Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.


Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.

Hi there,

I have an Onlyo NR-616 with the latest firmware, when I open Spotify Connect on my mobile device (Samsung S3) my Onkyo reciever is not listed. How can I remedy this?

Thanks in advance


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In my case the NR636 is showing in the list and until like 1-2 weeks ago, it was working just fine. By now i cannot connect to it anymore (tried it via iphone and desktop).


Latest firmware is installed. The log on the desktop


16:01:54.006 D [gaia_manager.cpp:1170           ] GAIA: TIMING(37996885) GaiaManager::sendHelloHelper
16:01:57.008 D [gaia_manager.cpp:1186           ] GAIA: GaiaManager::hermesDeviceCheck
16:03:15.436 D [gaia_manager.cpp:655            ] GAIA: TIMING(38078316) GaiaManager::playCurrentStateRemote (connect:AVR:::LOGGED_IN) mdns:SpotifyConnect._spotify-connect._tcp.local
16:03:15.436 D [gaia_connect_impl_v1.cpp:332    ] GAIA: TIMING(38078316) GaiaConnectImpl_V1::forceLogin
16:03:15.436 D [gaia_connect_impl_v1.cpp:303    ] GAIA: TIMING(38078316) GaiaConnectImpl_V1::loginUser
16:03:20.527 D [gaia_connect_impl_v1.cpp:128    ] GAIA: TIMING(38083407) GaiaConnectImpl_V1::onResult (empty JSON), retrying
16:03:20.527 D [gaia_connect_impl_v1.cpp:303    ] GAIA: TIMING(38083407) GaiaConnectImpl_V1::loginUser
16:03:25.571 D [gaia_connect_impl_v1.cpp:81     ] GAIA: GaiaConnectImpl_V1::requestFailed: cmd=1, device=mdns:SpotifyConnect._spotify-connect._tcp.local, error=3
16:03:25.571 D [gaia_manager.cpp:2004           ] GAIA: GaiaManager::deviceLoginFailed: mdns:SpotifyConnect._spotify-connect._tcp.local (pending 1)

Thanks a lot, removing the hyphen in the friendly name of my onkyo tx-nr515 did the trick, I can now see the device in the spotify android app

Hi there. Lately I have the same problem with spotify connect on my Onkyo TX-RZ900. It was working fine for few months and now it doesn't. I cannot find reason for this. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers


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Hi if you check I posted a solution before. If that does not work let us


I did tried changing the name in the network but using receiver's menu only. Do you think that logging with a browser will do the trick? I'm gonna try later and let you know.

Ok.let us know.

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. DLNA works, Spotify not. 

Same here. My receiver is Onkyo TX-NR5010. It is visible on the list but cannot connect. I changed the name and removed hyphen..

I have the txnr838 and I have the same problem . amp has the latest spotify update and shows the same screen message . I have done the usual switch off switch back on log out log in on spotify but to be honest this happens every time I try to play spotify on the onkyo ? This has become a major problem and using Bluetooth there is a problem where I sometimes can't connect too !

Actually it started to work fine here after some time. I logged on my
receiver with browser and after like a day it was working.

The phone app e.g. Onkyo Controller and Spotify will work simultaneously- Controller shows the art and volume, however the search and the rest of the controls are on the Spotify screen. To anable your receiver you'd need to go to Settings...Spotify....Devices...Connect To Device. Spotify shows your device (Onkyo) and if you're a Premium user it can be clicked/switched to. Otherwise only your phone is highlighted and the receiver is only listed.


Onkyo Controller app doesn't support my receiver tx-nr5010.. in Spotify app the device is listed but i cannot connect.. when i go to setup/devices and try to tap the onkyo nothing happend.. it is "connecting.." (laczenie in PL language) and nothing else..

I had to open premium account to do that. Some web sites list the receivers supporting the feature.

Of course that i have the premium account... still doesn't work for me 😞

In the mean time, I have bought a google chromecast for 35 euro and
attached that to my Onkyo. Works like a charm.

In the mean time, I have bought a google chromecast for 35 euro and
attached that to my Onkyo. Works like a charm.

Many, many, many thanks for the hint. It worked. I had the problem since some months. Thanks again!
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The solution that




posted worked for me. TX-NR636. Changed the Name to TXNR636 under the IP of the Onkyo Receiver and in the Router Menu (FritzBox). DHCP was on. Bevore that I already did a Reset of the Onkyo and Firmware update. Also reinstalled the app on the ipohne. Which was without sucess. But the renaming solved it!


Thanks man!



I have Onkyo NR 636. I use desktop spotify. It is not showwing connection list. If I reboot the pc it is visable again. How to solve this? Every time rebooting is iiritating.


The onkyo receiver is in my network list so it is connected. Why can't I see the connection in the list?



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Again: check that your device has only alfanumeric characters (A-z & 0-9)

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