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Order of podcast episodes in Apple CarPlay

Order of podcast episodes in Apple CarPlay






iPhone SE & Sony XAV-AX1000

Operating System

iOS 12.2


My Question or Issue

I’m listening to a lot of podcasts in my car, buy Spotify on Apple CarPlay always plays the episodes in the wrong order. Is there any way to change the order to oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest?

5 Replies

Hey there.


Yes, there is a way! I'm using an iPhone 4s so not exactly sure what it looks like for you, but when you go to a podcast there should be 3 lines somewhere (for me it's on the right). Just click on those and there you can choose what episodes you want to play and you can change the order to oldest to newest.


Hope this helps!


Hi Felix,


Thanks for your response. I’ve got this option on my phone, but not on the Spotify interface in CarPlay. I can change the order of the episodes on my phone, but that doesn’t change the order on my car stereo. 

Oh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Apple CarPlay or Apple in general. I've searched for similar cases or any official pages on how to change the order of podcast episodes on Apple CarPlay but haven't found anything.


Hopefully someone who knows more about this can respond and help you out!


Sorry again, I hope you can still enjoy your Spotify experience.



Cheers, Felix!

I have a slightly different problem. I can't filter out Played episodes. So if I start playing the podcast, it starts at the OLDEST episode. I have to go into the Podcast on Carplay and scroll ALLLLLL THE WAY down to the end and pick up the recent unplayed episodes. Why doesn't it save this as a preference like Sort Order?


Spotify's podcast support through CarPlay needs some work.

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