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[Other] autoplay

[Other] autoplay

How about DISABLE AUTOPLAY means you DISABLE AUTOPLAY for every device, every chromecast audio connection, every where my Spotify account touches Spotify, every time?  Come on this User Interface thing isn't that complicated

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Welcome to the club of the infuriated. It's a recent issue that was introduced through an update. Spotify claims it's a feature, even though it's so very, very clearly a bug.


Instead of saying "oops, sorry, our bad, we'll fix the bug", Spotify are saying "if enough people want this feature (that we've had for years and that is a basic core functionality of any streaming service and that we accidentally removed), we'll think about adding it". Well, they're not SAYING the part in parentheses, I added that. What they are saying is: we have to support the following idea if we want to have any chance of getting this core feature back:


Here's a thread where they are collecting all the comments on the issue:

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