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The Spotify app on the PS5 seems to be really buggy when playing music from playlists containing local files. The issue isn't that I would like to download those on my PS5 (as the moderator says here, it doesn't meet Spotify's Exchange Guidelines). The issue is that when I try to play a song from a playlist containing local files, it will play the song n amount of spots behind it, where n is equal to the number of local files preceeding it in the list. For example, if I have a playlist of 50 songs (10 of them being local files), and I try to play song 50, it will play song 40 instead. Not only that, but the app seems to completely break down afterwards and won't allow me to play any more music -- it will just cease to respond to the "play" button and I have to restart the app.

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Hi @grypha,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 


While it's certainly not possible to synchronize local files to game consoles, your app shouldn't crash while playing a playlist that contains them. 


In this case, we suggest you reinstall the app from scratch on your console and see if that makes a difference.


On another note, what the mod was referring to in the link you shared is that there's already an idea submission that asks for the possibility to play local files on all devices, which would include consoles. This is the link to the idea, you can show your support by leaving your +Vote.


Let us know how this goes.

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This issue has been present for years, since at least 2020. From my experience I've had it with the Spotify app for Xbox One, PS4 & PS5. It occurs very often and sometimes I have to restart my entire console just to get the app working again.


To add to this, sometimes when connecting to my PS5 through the Spotify app on mobile or desktop it doesn't show anything as playing on the PS5. Like it doesn't have the quick card with playback controls, even though I can hear the music through my PS5 I can't see what's playing or control it through the console itself. This also usually requires me to disconnect from the PS5 through the mobile/desktop app, then open and close the app on my console and try again. When that doesn't work (50% of the time) I have to restart my entire console. 


Yes I have deleted and reinstalled the console apps multiple times, yes I have put my PS5 into safe mode and rebuilt database. I have done every suggested fix and yet the issue still occurs across multiple platforms 2 years later. I hope to see these issues fixed as a paying premium member.

I had posted something similar and it still got taken down. It was a way around spotifys guidlines by streaming the songs from a device that you have the songs downloading on. So it would avoid copy right by using my phone or pc as the spotify server that its pulling the songs from. Obviously this would mean said device would have to be connected to the internet to use and you wouldnt be able to save them to other devices

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