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Pixel Watch 2 can't control music on main screen until app force shut down or watch restart

Pixel Watch 2 can't control music on main screen until app force shut down or watch restart






Pixel 3, Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung S32, Nest Hub, any else...

Operating System

latest on every device


My Question or Issue

The problem started around 2024 february.

The problem is that on my Pixel Watch 2 the Spotify isn't able to control the music on the main app screen. I can switch playlist, I can switch playing device... but the music play/stop next/prew buttons, or volume changing not works on the main screen, also not show which devise is playing currently.


If I force shut down the Spotify app on the watch, then I start it again, it works again for few minutes... then the main screen broke again.


I reseted the PW2, I tried a lot of devices, but it seems Spotify software problem.


This video shows the full problem, and the temporary (force shut down) solution:


7 Replies

Hey there @GPeti07,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community!

Just to check, do you notice any difference after clearing stored cache from the watch? You should be to do this from the watch's settings > apps > app info > system apps > Spotify > app info > clear data and cache. Keep in mind that the steps may vary slightly depending on the exact model. Another option is to try reinstalling the app on both your phone and on the watch, if you haven't already.

Shouldn't that do the trick, can you let us know if this happens on the Pixel watch when connected to multiple devices on your phone? Does the same thing happen if you're only connected to your phone? 


Also, have you noticed if this happens at any specific points - after resuming playback from a different device or when changing playlists?

Keep us posted on how it goes.

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Hi Maria,


As I wrote I reset to default my PW2, its also mean the cache clearing, app reinstall, of course I also tried these separately. I also did the same on my phone, but as I wrote, I tried multiple mobile phones, so the problem not with the phone, also do the same issue when I play music from my PC. In case of PC I control it via internet trough WiFi connection with a signed in Spotify account on my PW2, so in this case there is no Bluetooth connection. I also tried with my phone only via Bluetooth, the problem is the same.


I found when the problem happen:
1. So first, I force shut down the app so Spotify will work now.
2. I start Spotify it is works well, until the watch screen turn off.
3. I turn the screen back by pushing the "side crown".
4. I open Spotify app again, and it isn't working. Also not loading the saved playlist lists.
+1. The default Media Player app still working, it can forward the "change music" command via Spotify app and I can change volume in this, only the Spotify GUI dies.

A video about these for better understand:


I went a little more forward, and I think I just found the exact problem:
On PW2 in the Settings / Gestures option the "Tilt-to-wake" and "Touch to wake" options was disabled on my PW2, I only used "Rotate crown to wake" option.
- If I enable "Touch to wake" option, then it seems works, I tested it for hours everything fine in this case. Maybe the Spotify App GUI stuck some kind of sleep mode and don't try to reconnect, when "Touch to wake" is disabled?
- If I disable the "Touch to wake" again, after the next PW2 screen off-on the Spotify App immediately wrong again. If I REenable "Touch to wake" option, I need to force shut down the Spotify app to work again.


I want to keep this "Touch to wake" option disabled, because when I teach on my dance workout classes I can accidentally change music if I touch it.


Hey @GPeti07,


Thanks for your reply and for all the important info you've shared with us. 


In this case, since you noticed this is related to the Watch's Touch to wake feature, the best way to go would be to get in touch with its manufacturer, so they can add some additional insights on why this might be happening.


We really appreciate the time you took to let us know about this.


We'll be on the lookout!

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I didn't get the answer I expected, because only the Spotify app doesn't work in this case, but ok.

I contacted Google Pixel Community via forum, I also reported the problem directly to Google based on this topic. I also found more similar cases on the internet with the same problem.


I can't believe there is no anyone at your company who can test it, just or request any logs... or something to confirm where the bug is, and why your Spotify app GUI parts stuck.






Pixel 7, Pixel Watch 2

Operating System

Android 14, Wear OS 4

My Question or Issue


Every time I try to play some music on my phone and control playback with the Spotify app on my watch, I get the "Select something to play" screen with playback controls greyed out. 


If I scroll to the right, I can see what song is playing and even in the Spotify app in the app drawer I can see the song's name, so clearly the watch knows I'm listening.


Force closing the app on the watch and restarting it fixes it temporarily but it's very annoying since it's also the default lock screen when I have music playing on my phone. 


I've reinstalled the app on my watch and my phone, and reset my watch entirely to see if that might fix it, but no luck yet.


Hi! It is seems the same problem as mine. Try to turn on the "Touch to wake" option on the Watch settings as I wrote above.

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