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Playlist information removed

Playlist information removed

A month ago I made this post:

"I am a dj and I made a playlist with all the songs I would play in a club. I named it Club Mix and didn't upload a picture to it. This morning, I got an e-mail from Spotify, saying my playlist got removed (see picture below). When I added Club Mix back to it, I got another mail and the name was removed again. May I ask why my playlist is getting removed? It has 500+ songs, 27 hours long and I'd like to keep this playlist, as it took me hours to add all the songs."


It got fixed by mods, but I have the same issue again.

Can you guys help me fix it? Nothing is against terms and conditions of use on this playlist. Please help me so I can add a title to my OWN playlist and know what playlist I'm listening to.



Link to playlist:

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Hey, how's it going? I hope everything is ok with you. Normally a playlist is deleted when there is some kind of violation, but if in your case there was no violation, I hope the following explanation helps you. A big hug and a great weekend!


Recover deleted playlists
You can recover a playlist if it has been deleted in the last 90 days:

Login to your account page .
Click Recover Playlists in the left menu.
Click RESTORE next to the playlist you want to restore.
Open Spotify and find the restored playlist at the bottom of your playlist collection.
Tip: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to immediately restore something you've deleted:

Cmd + Z (for Mac)
Ctrl + Shift + Z (for Windows)
Does not appear?
You may have created the playlist with another account. Try entering different data.

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