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Playlists not loading on NowTV

Playlists not loading on NowTV

Noticed today (21/03/17) that my playlists are not loading onto the NowTV Spotify app. Never happened before. There is not even a Playlist section just Search, What's New, Top Tracks, Accounts. I reloaded the app and also logged out and in again (I use login via Facebook option) Playlists are fine on my laptop app and Amazon fire app. Please help. Andrew

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Same here

Hey there @AndrewDLarkin57 and @Sheywood, welcome both to the community!


This seems to be a current issue that Spotify is aware of. Please add your feedback in this thread as well as keep an eye there for any updates 🙂


Hope this helps!



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Having the exact same problem with now tv spotify app

Yes, same here...went to load my playlists today 24 March and the playlist options had been removed....not happy about this at all and it needs to be resolved asap.

Still not working, it was after the roku update on the 26th march


Same for me... anyone found a fix?

Having the same issue right now and I am so frustrated 😕 if anybody finds a fix please let everyone know asap x

Ah, I'm having the same problem too..glad I found this thread as I thought I was doing something wrong. Hopefully just a glitch that will be solved soon. 

The same thing has happened on my Roku 3 and Black NowTV box.  There is no way to get to the Playlist menus.  On a Windows 10 PC Spotify still works correctly. Removing and reinstalling Spotify has not helped.  

I have same problem today. Changed my password 5 times but not getting playlist on nowtv and it says my account is used

I wouldn't hold your breath that this will be resolved. Seems to be the result of a software upgrade last month and so far no sign that Spotify are remotely interested in addressing the problem. I have resorted to streaming my playlists to my TV soundbar directly from a laptop using bluetooth.

its a real pain....needs to get fixed soon

Also having the same problem! So annoying

Same problem here, for about 2 months now. So annoying!

I have now given up with my NowTV box for Spotify and moved to a Amazon Fire TV stick instead.

Same here I'm Spotify Premium paying £9.99 per month,,, this is NOT good enough, please sort it whoever's fault it is, Spotify or Now tv. Ya gonna loose a lot of Premium payers otherwise!!!! 

Got same issue only took out premium so could run it through now tv box so waste of money

I have the same problem loading it on my tv..immensely frustrating, and I refuse to pay premium membership cost for what amounts to the free service. I paid for premium so I could play it via my NowTV box but it's not happening. Cancelled for now. 

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