Playstation link problems

Playstation link problems


I have changed from a PS3 to PS4 and I created a new playstation account. It will not allow me to link my Spotify to the new Playstation account as it says it is already linked. 

I have tried absolutely everything I can think of to resolve this. I even went on my Spotify account on pc and selected log out of all devices. Now my PS3 will not connect to Spotify nor my PS4. 

I have spent 24 hours trying to resolve this. Is the only option to create a whole new Spotify account? This seems crazy that I would have to create a more Spotify account every time I buy a new device.

Please could anyone suggest a solution I haven't tried or does anyone know a more reliable alternative to Spotify?


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Hi, I had that problem recently, trying to link my spotify account to my new ps4 and it was already linked to my ps3.  I found that you need to "unlink" from both playstation account AND spotify account. 
Because you have a "new" playstation account, I suppose you'll need to login to both account and unlink twice.


After I found a solution for me, I wrote that article that may help you and maybe other people with the same problem, with direct links to both sites where you need "unlink" your accounts.


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