Please remove Fuze Tea ASMR advert


Please remove Fuze Tea ASMR advert


I am not a premium customer, therefore I get adverts during playback - which is fine.


However, today a new advert has started playing, from Fuze Tea. I have no issue with the product, but the advert is an ASMR advert, and also advertises an ASMR podcast.


Can you please remove this?! It's absolutely horrible. It makes me want to throw my headphones across the room every time I hear it. ASMR is a very personal thing for people, some people love it, some hate it, and I am in the latter camp. I can't stand it. If I am going to continue hearing this advert every 30 minutes I think I'll be switching over to YouTube to stream music instead. This is a physical aversion, not just a thing I don't like.

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Yeah, I'm at the point of pulling out my headphones when it comes on. I've been mostly avoiding Spotify for the last three days and just using YouTube for most things.


This is more than just an annoying advert. The close-up, wet-mouth-popping, creepy-clicking, hissing-whispering sounds make me feel physically repulsed. The point of ASMR is to trigger a physical reaction in the listener, that's what it's mixed and designed to do, but for every person who experiences warmth and relaxation, there's one who feels completely violated by it. Please don't allow these commercials on your platform. 


I was considering going back to Premium but I can't bring myself to do it now, because I'll feel like I'm only doing it to get away from these ads, and I don't want to feel like I've been played.


Hi Daisy,


It's played every day for over a week now, at every single ad break. Without fail.


Using mobile android, app version


I didn't like the ad the first time it played. At this point, it literally stresses me out. Bad associations with both Spotify and the Fuze tea brand now instilled.




Thanks for your consern . I have the same issue and here is my info 



  • 10:31 (CEST)
  • Desktop,Mobile
  • PC ,Android
  • (Windows Store version)


What an annoying advert - Tea in a plastic bottle!!!!


Agreed, this advert is incredibly annoying, especially given that ASMR has been known to cause a negative response to some people.  Plus it's made worse by the fact that it comes on around 30% louder than the music you've just been listening to, causing you to have to rapidly reach for the volume controls.


It's on every advert break, without fail.


Agreed it's disgusting that woman whispering in my earphones and gulping! ASMR is acquired, I am hearing it now 6.54 am and I have heard it every ad break for 2 hours. Get rid!!!


THREE TIMES!! I have been sitting down, trying to work for only a couple of hours, and this abomination has assaulted my senses THREE **bleep** TIMES. It is offputting and repulsive. I think I'll stick to podcasts on spotify, and move to youtube for music, Sorry Spotify - but this rubbish throws me off my work every **bleep** time it comes on.


and since when has g-o-d-d-a-m-n been a censorable word??


I notice this advert is STILL up after all our complaints. I presume Spotify get money for ads and it is due to be on for a certain period of time. Therefore they won't take it down and just hope once it's expiry date is through and the ad is no longer played then we will shut up. It's all about money folks - not about us! Even though without us Spotify would not exist.......


I'm so happy this has a thread and it's not just me LOL. Whenever I hear the god **bleep** tinkling of that cup and the salivary soft talking into the microphone during my playlists it genuinely makes me really really mad, as someone who has Misophonia. It's horrible horrible horrible.

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I tried updating my privacy settings and since then I've never heard this ad again.  Actually I've started having a variety of ads, instead of lsitening to the same 2 ads all the time.

Might be just coincidence, but could be worth a shot. So here's what I did:


1) Log in to your spotify account (, and go to `Account`, `Privacy Settings`

2) Tick the 'Facebook data' option. I don't have a facebook account linked to my spotify but it doesn't matter.

3) Untick 'Tailored ads'


Thanks, I changed my privacy settings to not have tailored ads and I haven't heard it once today! Granted I have been off work for 2 weeks so haven't been listening to Spotify as much, but whether this solution worked or the ad just came to the end of its run, I am happy to not be hearing it any more. Thanks for the help!


I'm having a similar problem with a different ad, something about Reese's I think? It's an awful ripping noise followed by some guy saying something really quick. Whenever I try to listen to music while falling asleep this ad keeps waking me up and freaking me out.


Hey there @Toreap,


Thanks for reporting this. We're sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the ads you’re getting on Spotify. We'll make sure to pass your feedback along to the Ads team.


It would be great if you could provide a few extra details to help us look into it: 

  • Name/description of the advert (was it an audio or visual ad?) 
  • Rough time/date you heard/saw it. 
  • The device and OS you were using (e.g. iPhone 8 running iOS 12). 
  • The version of Spotify you’re using. 

Once we have this info, we'll share your report with the Ads team who will investigate and take the appropriate action.


We'd appreciate your feedback. 


Have a great day!



  • Name/description of the advert (was it an audio or visual ad?)
    Some "Nothing else is Reeses" audio ad, it's about two seconds long.
  • Rough time/date you heard/saw it.
    Everyday, it plays at almost every ad break.
  • The device and OS you were using (e.g. iPhone 8 running iOS 12).
    I use a samsung galaxy s10e
  • The version of Spotify you’re using.
    The app says


The sound of this ad always makes my skin crawl.



Hello @Toreap,


Thanks for the the quick reply and the info. 


We have sent the details to the responsible team 🙂


Enjoy your day!

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I cant even understand why there is ASMR AKA p..... in spotify when there is other site for that .... LIKE THIS IT sounds like P..... 

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